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Panic occurs in Cmemeql when referencing an invalid address

Technote Number: 1214760

This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# LVAE6DLJPL, and was
fixed in Domino 6.5.4 Fix Pack 2.
Excerpt from the Lotus Domino Release 6.5.4 Fix Pack 2 fix list (available at
iNotes Web Access
SPR# LVAE6DLJPL - Fixed an intermittent HTTP server crash. The problem occurs
because of a reference to an invalid HTTP address.

Refer to the following document on the Upgrade Central site for details about
Lotus Domino 6.5.4 Fix Pack 2 (FP2), and how to obtain it:

Upgrade Central: Planning your upgrade to Lotus Notes/Domino 6.0.5 and 6.5.4,
Including Domino 6.5.4 Fix Pack 1 and Fix Pack 2 (# 1201845)

Supporting Information:

Call stack is as follows:
PROCESSING TCB= AB4B58 - TCB is active. OMVS TID= 1706E6000000002A CPU TIME
= 000000063D445B7D secs= 6 DSA@=38A39BC0
EP@=16D7CF70 msgctl DSA@=38A39CA0 EP@=17215E38 OS390_dump
+35C DSA@=38A39EE0 EP@=17224A60 fatal_error
+392 DSA@=38A3A1A0 EP@=16DF4D40 __zerro +A2C
DSA@=38A3ACE0 EP@=16DF4B00 __zerros +1E6
DSA@=38A3AD60 UPTODOWN transition block@=38A3B5B0
ZMCH BLOCK at address 389A7478 PSW= 078D1400 972DE88A
R0= 28C0EADA R1= 28C0EAD2 R2= 69612C56 R3= 00000008
R4= 38A3AEA0 R5= 1A0593A8 R6= 172DE868 R7= 9735F780
R8= 9735F722 R9= 00000008 R10= 19FC9218 R11= 28C0EAD2
R12= 389A8BD8 R13= 69612C56 R14= 00004D3F R15= 69612C56
**** warning the next dsa was NOT active *******
**** the module name and offset are ***********
**** for the last called function. ***********
DSA@=389A9D98 EP@=169CE428 CEEHDSP +CD4
DSA@=389A9D98 DOWNTOUP transition block@=389A9E18
DSA@=38A3AE20 EP@=172DE868 Cmemeql +248DD353
DSA@=38A3AEA0 EP@=1735F718 IntlTextEqualCaseInsensitive +68
DSA@=38A3AF20 EP@=182A08B0 NSFLocateSummaryValue +7E
DSA@=38A3AFA0 EP@=186101B0 CNIFEntryData::GetText(const void*,const char*,CMem
DSA@=38A3B020 EP@=28BEBD98 Haiku::IsCSRepeatInstancesCreated(NNote*,int,void**
DSA@=38A3BCE0 EP@=28BD2B88 Haiku::GetHaikuDatum(NNote*,int,void**,unsigned lon
DSA@=38A3BE80 EP@=28929F80 NFormula::ExtensionProc(unsigned short,unsigned sho
DSA@=38A3D080 EP@=28926900 INotesCompExtProc +84
DSA@=38A3D9A0 EP@=17E45768 CompGeneralContext::ExtensionProc(Compute&,unsigned
DSA@=38A3DDE0 EP@=17F0C0F0 ExtensionProc::Execute() +142
DSA@=38A3E060 EP@=17E81588 AtFunctionNode::ComputeVariants() +7E
DSA@=38A3E940 EP@=17E82BB8 MainExpressionNode::ComputeVariants() +9A
DSA@=38A3F260 EP@=17E830A8 RootNode::ComputeVariants() +AE
DSA@=38A3FBC0 EP@=17E376E8 Compute::Eval() +204
DSA@=38A404E0 EP@=17E322C0 NSFComputeEvaluateExt +C4
DSA@=38A40E20 EP@=289271D0 NFormula::Evaluate(NValue&,int*) +AC
DSA@=38A42040 EP@=28CF5B38 NFormula::Compute(char*,int,NNote*,NValue&) +2E2
DSA@=38A43500 EP@=28CA6120 HuComputedText::Evaluate(CoLmbcsStream&,int) +240
DSA@=38A440A0 EP@=28CD2640 HuDocNote::GenerateHTML(HTMLfilter&) +1A0
DSA@=38A44360 EP@=28BD15E0 Haiku::GenerateHtml() +426
DSA@=38A45400 EP@=28C63418 Haiku::HandleDominoCmd(OpenDocumentCmd&) +1EC
DSA@=38A46480 EP@=28BCFDB8 Haiku::HandleCmd(Cmd*,CmdHandlerBase&) +4E0
DSA@=38A48060 EP@=286E50E8 CmdHandlerBase::PrivHandle(Cmd*,Cmd*) +B0
DSA@=38A48120 EP@=286DBF30 CmdHandler::PrivHandle(Cmd*) +D6
DSA@=38A481A0 EP@=286DC168 CmdHandler::Handler(Cmd*,void*) +D8
DSA@=38A49B40 EP@=286C0E88 Cmd::Execute() +84
DSA@=38A49BE0 EP@=28814C28 InotesHTTPProcessRequestImpl(_InotesHTTPrequest*)
DSA@=38A4B900 EP@=28814B58 InotesHTTPProcessRequest +38
DSA@=38A4C1E0 EP@=1AA2ED18 HTInotesRequest::ProcessRequest() +D8
DSA@=38A4C660 EP@=1AA1B858 HTRequestExtContainer::ProcessRequest(HTApplication
DSA@=38A4C6E0 EP@=1AA63F78 HTRequest::ProcessRequest() +A30
DSA@=38A4D100 EP@=1AA7AF60 HTSession::StartRequest() +400
DSA@=38A4DA00 EP@=1AAAE448 HTWorkerThread::CheckForWork() +1AC
DSA@=38A4E460 EP@=1AAAE090 HTWorkerThread::ThreadMain() +15E
DSA@=38A4E560 EP@=1AA9E440 HTThreadBeginProc +6A DSA@=38A4E5E0 EP@=1718C6C8
ThreadWrapper +450
DSA@=38A4E680 EP@=172788B8 threadEP +E8
DSA@=38A4E720 UPTODOWN transition block@=38A4EF70
DSA@=389A9578 EP@=0000E7E0 CEEOPCMM -7FFFF6F0
DSA@=7E9E7838 EP@=00000000 zero pointer? +4671B52
DSA@=7E9E7000 EP@=0000E7E0 CEEOPCMM -8000E7E0
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